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Bug#688772: gnome Depends network-manager-gnome

I've readjusted option B yet again, by adding an additional paragraph
which takes into account Ian's and Tollef's concerns. (git 6e42994)

B 4. We overrule the decision of the meta-gnome maintainers to add a
B    dependency from gnome to network-manager-gnome; this dependency
B    should be removed. If in the opinion of the NM maintainer (and
B    before the release of wheezy the Release Managers) the concerns
B    raised in §4 of the CTTE decision #681834 have been addressed
B    through technical means (e.g. by preventing the starting of NM as
B    discussed in #688772), the meta-gnome maintainers may freely
B    adjust the dependencies as usual.
B    Specifically, valid bugs where existing valid network
B    configurations are broken by the automatic, required installation
B    on system upgrade of packages not previously installed which
B    perform network configuration on should have severity serious.

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