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Bug#688772: gnome Depends network-manager-gnome

On Fri, 09 Nov 2012, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Don Armstrong writes ("Bug#688772: gnome Depends network-manager-gnome"):
> > This is only the case if we are convinced the NM maintainer(s) are
> > acting in bad faith. While that's certainly a possibility, we
> > shouldn't assume it.
> If I were in the position of the gnome maintainers here (ie if I
> were the one being overruled) I would be making exactly the same
> point.

The NM maintainer(s) aren't the same as the set of gnome maintainers,
though. [Even though there is some overlap and certainly communication
between them.]

> > 1. NM must not break an existing working networking configuration.
> Is this possible ? I mean, I worry that interpreted broadly ("_any_
> existing ...") this would simply mean that n-m should never do
> anything.
> Perhaps a better approach would be this, post-wheezy:
>    While n-m remains a Depends of gnome or gnome-core, any bug report
>    from a user that installing n-m broke their system's networking is
>    to be treated by the gnome and network-manager maintainers as a
>    valid, release-critical, bug.
> We should ask the n-m maintainer to comment on this proposal. If
> they think it's unworkable then that amounts to a statement that it
> will not be possible to reliably identify, and fix, all such
> problems.

Ok. I believe having Michael Biebl and/or the rest of the NM team
weigh in on this issue will be useful.

Don Armstrong

"For those who understand, no explanation is necessary.
 For those who do not, none is possible."

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