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Re: TC mailing list and BTS usage

I wrote:
> Now that we are dealing with a number of issues simultaneously, and
> all getting a number of copies of lots of messages, I think we need to
> think about our workflow a bit better.

> 1. The first time an issue is referred to the TC, a new bug will be
>    created which is filed against `debian-ctte'.  This bug will
>    be set to block all the other bug(s) involved.
> 3. Interested parties should subscribe to the bug when they become
>    aware of the situation (for example by being alerted to it by a CC)
>    and may have to read the archives of the TC bug to catch up.

This seemed to meet with general approval although some people
objected to me blathering on about all the edge cases.

> 4. Messages about a TC issue should NOT also be CC'd to the
>    debian-ctte list.  (Since the BTS will send the messages there.)

This turned out to be difficult because of the Mail-Followup-To which
the list server was setting.  This seems now to be fixed.  So we can
go ahead.

Accordingly I have edited the tech-ctte webpage to ask people
referring a message to the TC to file a new bug rather than reassign
an existing one.

We should continue to use the bug numbers we are familiar with for
existing issues.

> We should consider this proposal before implementing it, although of
> course the current approach is very ad-hoc.

I have copied my proposal (verbatim) into


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