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Re: Mail-followup-to on debian-ctte@lists.debian.org

Hallo! Du (Ian Jackson) hast geschrieben:

> On the 7th of August I wrote:
> > When we send mail to a bug assigned to tech-ctte, we end up with
> > something like this being delivered to the list's subscribers:
> ...
> > We would like the mail-followup-to to either not be there at all, or
> > to point to the bug report.  In the case of bugs assigned to
> > tech-ctte, we don't want any replies to bug mails to go directly to
> > debian-ctte.
> > 
> > Would that be possible ?

So let me sum up what i understand so far:

1. when you send a mail to a tech-ctte-Bug via $NUM@bugs.d.o you get
	a mail with an unwanted mail-followup-to-Header?

	That one originates from your own MUA as we don't set that

2. when someone assigns a bug to tech-ctte you don't want notification
	about it to debian-ctte?

Hmm. I think someone with more expertice in the BTS should look into
it. CCing Bugmasters.

        Cord, Debian Listmaster of the day

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