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Bug#681783: Call for votes on Recommends and metapackages

I'm calling for a vote on my proposal for a disposal of #681783, re
Recommends and particularly metapackages.

The options are:
  A   Recommends policy is correct, clarification would be useful
  F   Further discussion.

Here is the full text of the resolution option A:


  1. The Technical Committee's view is that the existing policy
     on Recommends is correct.

  2. Specifically, we feel that there is nothing inherently wrong with
     using Recommends in a metapackage.  Any infelicities in package
     management software's handling of Recommends (in metapackages or
     more generally) should be treated as bugs.

  3. It may be that policy could be clarified in this area, for
     example to make it clear that if a user chooses not to install
     Recommends, some things may not work, and that that would not be
     a bug.


  4. We do not make a ruling about the content of policy.

  5. We advise the policy maintainers to consider how to clarify
     this, and to make whatever changes they consider appropriate.

If this passes, point 5 (about advice to the policy maintainers) will
be implemented by me filing a bug against policy.


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