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Bug#682010: [mumble] Communication failures due to CELT codec library removal

summary 682010 0
forwarded 682010 http://git.donarmstrong.com/?p=debian-ctte.git;a=blob;f=682010_celt_and_mumble/682010_celt_and_mumble.org

* Issue #682010
** Mumble in unstable/testing currently cannot interact with other clients and servers
   + Due to the removal of celt 0.7.1 (?)
* Possible solutions
** Include celt 0.7.1 as a convenience copy
   + Security Issues with embedded copies
   + Unspecified possible security issues
** Upload a celt 0.7.1 package
   + No maintainer desires to deal with this (apparently?)
   + Unspecified possible security issues
** Use speex instead
   + Server (and clients?) do not select speex as an option unless bandwidth is low
** Use only opus
   + Not yet (?) released upstream
   + May not communicate with non-opus clients
* Open questions
** Can speex be made to be an option?
** Is a convenience copy acceptable, assuming mumble is the only thing with it?
** What are the other clients that we want to make sure the mumble servers can communicate with?
* Involved parties
** Chris.Knadle@coredump.us, Ron <ron@debian.org>, 682010@bugs.debian.org, Nicos Gollan <gtdev@spearhead.de>, Thorvald Natvig <thorvald@natvig.com>

The above is my current understanding of this bug. Please correct
anything that I've gotten wrong or misunderstood or missed.

Don Armstrong

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