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Bug#681419: tech-ctte help needed: main dependencies on non-free/contrib

Dnia 2012-07-17, wto o godzinie 10:35 -0700, Russ Allbery pisze:
> Hello all,
> Could someone who has the time and the tools available do a check on all
> the dependencies in main for dependencies on non-free/contrib?  This
> information would be very helpful in evaluating tech-ctte bug #681419.  In
> particular:

I'm maintaining PyOpenCL which is currently in contrib, but I hope
to move it to main in Wheezy+1. PyOpenCL builds cleanly with main-only
packages, and can run with packages from main, but will not be usable
then. It depends on ICD loader (free) and on opencl-icd
(currently only non-free implementations are available).
For more detailed description of OpenCL packaging in Debian
see Vincent Danjean <vdanjean@debian.org> mail "OpenCL in Debian"
from 2012-07-01

> * How many total dependencies are there?  (We're only interested in
>   Depends or Recommends for this purpose, not Suggests.)
> * Are all of those dependencies alternative dependencies of the form:
>       Depends: foo | foo-nonfree

In PyOpenCL it'll always be:

Depends: ocl-icd-libopencl1 | libopencl1

where the ocl-icd-libopencl1 is free package, while other packages
providing libopencl1 (currently amd-libopencl1 and nvidia-libopencl1)
are non-free. I want to allow for users to be able to use non-free
ICD loaders to allow for experiments and having different OpenCL
versions (see bug #673992).

As for opencl-icd, now PyOpenCL has:
Depends: opencl-icd
As soon as Debian has a free OpenCL implementation I'll change
it to
Depends: free-opencl-icd | opencl-icd
but I intend to keep dependency on non-free OpenCL implementations
(currently amd-opencl-icd and nvidia-opencl-icd) to allow to use
GPGPU hardware if users are using non-free drivers.

>   or are there other cases?  A list of the other cases would be very
>   interesting.  (Some may just be bugs, but we may not have thought of
>   some other possible pattern.)

I am not sure if PyOpenCL fits general case or is special case.
It requires two OpenCL-related packages (ICD loader and ICD) to work
and those can be any mixture of free and non-free packages.

> * Are any of these dependencies versioned?  One of the things we're
>   evaluating is whether it would always be possible to replace those
>   dependencies with a straight dependency on foo, with foo-nonfree
>   Providing foo.

Currently not (ICD loader takes care of proper managing of ICD versions)
but I am wondering whether to add versioned dependency on ocl-libopencl1
(see my mail from 2012-07-10 "OpenCL in Debian"
http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2012/07/msg00240.html ).
From experience it seems that PyOpenCL works well with opencl-headers
and ocl-icd-libopencl1, while there are some problems with different
versions of non-free libopencl1 (most notably NVIDIA).

Best regards.

Tomasz Rybak <tomasz.rybak@post.pl> GPG/PGP key ID: 2AD5 9860
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