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Bug#614907: marked as done (node: name conflicts with node.js interpreter)

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Package: node
Version: 0.3.2-7.1
Severity: serious
Justification: policy §10.1
Tags: upstream


Both LinuxNode (package "node") and node.js (package "nodejs") are
designed to be accessed through the command name "node".  There seems
to be no agreement[1][2] in Debian about what should be done with that
name.  Therefore both binaries must be renamed.

John Goerzen provided some useful advice[3]:

| ... resulting in considerable confusion from many people, given that
| much documentation out there refers to call and listen. I, for one,
| was rather puzzled, especially since there is also an ax25_call which
| does something different.
| Not saying it was a bad choice, but just that this was what the result
| was. Much existing documentation is confusing to Debian users.
| Also, it should be stated that /usr/sbin/node is normally started from
| ax25d, which is somewhat analogous to inetd. It is not normally
| invoked by users (though it could be). Renaming it will break servers
| unless users are well aware.

This says to me:

 - the renaming ought to be documented in README.Debian and NEWS.Debian

 - it would be nice to track down documentation in other packages to
   add a note to, too

 - it would be especially nice to help people update their ax25d.conf.
   Luckily, ax25d.conf is a conffile shipped by ax25-tools, so
   tweaking the version ax25-tools ships should already help (and if
   we want to be especially kind, providing a migration tool to be
   invoked by hand).

 - a migration period in testing/sid (but hopefully not in stable)
   during which node is a script that prints a warning and runs
   ax25_node might be appropriate.

If there is any way I can help, please feel free to ask.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2010/09/msg00465.html
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/02/msg00163.html
[3] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/02/msg00191.html

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clone 614907 -1 -2
reassign -1 nodejs
retitle -1 Provide /usr/bin/nodejs in nodejs with /usr/bin/node legacy package
reassign -2 node
retitle -2 Rename /usr/sbin/node to /usr/sbin/ax25-node with depended legacy package

On Sun, 08 Jul 2012, Steve Langasek wrote:
> === Resolution ===
> The Technical Committee reaffirms the importance of preventing namespace
> collisions for programs in the distribution, while recognizing that
> compatibility with upstreams and with previous Debian releases is also
> important and that sometimes an imperfect balance must be struck between
> these three goals.
> The Committee therefore resolves that:
> 1. The nodejs package shall be changed to provide /usr/bin/nodejs, not
>    /usr/bin/node.  The package shall declare a Breaks: relationship with any
>    packages in Debian that reference /usr/bin/node.
> 2. The nodejs source package shall also provide a nodejs-legacy binary
>    package at Priority: extra that contains /usr/bin/node as a symlink to
>    /usr/bin/nodejs.  No package in the archive may depend on or recommend
>    the nodejs-legacy package, which is provided solely for upstream
>    compatibility.  This package shall also declare a Conflicts: relationship
>    with the node package.
> 3. The node source package shall rename its binary to /usr/sbin/ax25-node,
>    and its binary package to ax25-node.
> 4. The node source package shall continue to build a transitional 'node'
>    binary package for compatibility with deployed Debian installations,
>    which provides /usr/sbin/node as a symlink to /usr/sbin/ax25-node.  This
>    package shall declare a reciprocal Conflicts: relationship with the
>    nodejs-legacy package.  Other packages may reference the 'node' package
>    as a dependency or recommendation, but are encouraged to transition to
>    'ax25-node'.
> 5. The maintainers of these packages are required to implement the above
>    changes immediately in unstable.  Failing that, the Technical Committee
>    reserves the right to NMU to implement these changes.
> 6. Once the above changes are implemented, the packages shall be considered
>    suitable for release with respect to the Debian policy on conflicting
>    packages.
> === End Resolution ===

With Colin's vote, the outcome is no longer in doubt, and the above
resolution is adopted by the committee.

Don Armstrong

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victory, it is about death. I've seen thousands and thousands of dead
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 -- Robert Fisk

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