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Re: Technical Committee proposed GRs, and amendments, again

Ian Jackson writes ("Technical Committee proposed GRs, and amendments, again"):
>    Therefore, to achieve roughly the same effect, the TC makes the
>    following promise.  If any TC member gives notice that the TC
>    accepts an amendment, then at least one of the following will
>    happen:

The way I imagine this working is that we nominate one TC member (me,
I guess) to do the work of soliciting second opinions from other TC
members, actually formally accepting obvious amendments, and so on.

(b) is useful if we change our mind.  (c) is useful if the nominated
shepherd goes mad.  Not putting a specific name in the formal
resolution means we can hand the job off between us without voting on

The reason this is an optimisation is that we have to have a TC vote
to bring the GR to a vote (A.2(1),(2)).  And at that point we can fold
in the amendments as previously discussed/agreed etc.  So we only have
to have two TC votes per GR - one to start, and one to sort out
amendments and call for a vote.


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