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Meeting logs from Thursday, June 28th meeting

The meeting logs from the june meeting are attached.

Brief Summary:

1) Next meeting is at date -d 'July 26 2012 17:00 UTC'
2) CTTE BOF at Debconf, exact time and date to be announced
3) ACTION nodejs/node issue to be written up by Steve
4) ACTION python maintainership to be written up by Steve
5) ACTION constitutional amendment proposals by Ian

Don Armstrong

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I just didn't think them through.
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09:43:47 -!- jwilk [~jwilk@1-dom-5.acn.waw.pl] has joined #debian-ctte
10:01:22 -!- rra [~eagle@windlord.Stanford.EDU] has joined #debian-ctte
10:01:29 <aba> hi
10:01:37 <rra> Heya!  Sorry I'm late.
10:03:57 <zack> looks like you're not the only one ;)
10:04:12 <aba> rra: at least you're here, I'd say
10:05:03 <zack> dondelelcaro: around?
10:05:11 <aba> bdale: are you here?
10:05:19 <aba> vorlon: ?
10:05:54 <bdale> here
10:06:09 <bdale> multiplexing, as usual
10:06:37 <bdale> need to get these meetings into a calendar I can add to my phone's sync list
10:08:43 <dondelelcaro> here
10:08:58 <dondelelcaro> sorry; on the road, and only now was able to set up
10:10:28 <vorlon> hi, here-ish
10:10:31 <vorlon> sorry
10:11:33 <aba> bdale: do you chair the meeting?
10:12:20 <zack> aba: given the declared availability, either you or rra are probably better choices
10:12:22 <dondelelcaro> diziet or manoj doesn't seem to be around yet
10:12:34 <vorlon> or cjwatson
10:13:06 <rra> manoj and cjwatson didn't make the last meeting, IIRC; I'm not sure if they were planning on making it.
10:13:12 <rra> I thought Diziet was planning on being here.
10:13:25 <dondelelcaro> yeah, I thought so too
10:13:46 <aba> he said so by mail at least
10:14:02 <rra> Most of what we had on the agenda was the super-majority and other GR stuff, I believe, which was largely Diziet's topic.
10:14:03 <bdale> I hadn't planned to chair, but certainly could.  do we have an agenda?
10:14:21 <vorlon> dunno
10:14:30 <vorlon> I know I've failed to get my two action items done over the past month
10:14:33 <rra> I think we're pending action items on the other open tickets except for the super-majority and other GR fixes.
10:14:34 <zack> going through past action items would be nice
10:14:42 <vorlon> and I'm not sure we have any new bugs since then
10:14:55 <bdale> vorlon: any progress to report, or just "oops, maybe by next time"?
10:14:56 <rra> We just had the one that you closed today (which I concur didn't seem to be a real tech-ctte bug).
10:14:59 <aba> let us check the bugs.
10:15:11 <aba> but doesn't look like there are new ones.
10:15:19 -!- cjwatson [~cjwatson@82-69-40-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #debian-ctte
10:15:32 <cjwatson> My apologies, I'm clearly horribly behind on mail
10:15:38 <vorlon> bdale: no progress - since I seem to be able to make time for TC work when I schedule it on my calendar, I'm planning to multitask and get at least one of the resolutions written up while I'm sitting here ;)
10:15:43 <rra> cjwatson: Not a problem -- we'd not really started.
10:16:08 <rra> Our only open bugs right now are node, Python, and the super-majority/GR fixes.
10:16:11 -!- pl [~pl@83-238-131-10.ip.netia.com.pl] has joined #debian-ctte
10:16:50 <vorlon> and I'm holding the baton for the first two of those - mea culpa
10:16:57 <bdale> ok, so vorlon was going to write resolutions for the first to and diziet was expected to tackle the latter, right?
10:17:09 <aba> yes
10:17:28 <bdale> I saw some email from diziet around the non-public ctte list shortly after our last meeting, not sure where that ended up
10:17:29 <rra> Yeah, we ran out of time to talk about the latter, and Diziet was going to drive the discussion.
10:17:41 <rra> Me either -- his mail was the last that I saw about it.
10:17:44 <bdale> FedEx at my door, bbiam
10:19:55 <dondelelcaro> ok. was there something specific we needed to deal with, or do we just have the action items that vorlon was working on?
10:20:09 <vorlon> I don't think we have anything new
10:20:26  * bdale is back
10:20:28 <vorlon> last time I hinted that I had another issue I wanted the TC to take up... and it wound up resolving itself via debian-devel before then ;)
10:20:33 <vorlon> (tmpfs on /tmp)
10:20:39 <bdale> cool
10:20:43 <dondelelcaro> ah, good
10:21:22 <vorlon> so, ah
10:21:32 <vorlon> should we adjourn? :)
10:21:37 <bdale> I think so
10:21:45 <vorlon> oh
10:21:45 <bdale> several of us will be at Debconf, right?
10:21:45 <aba> yes
10:21:48 <dondelelcaro> yes
10:21:51  * aba not
10:21:52 <vorlon> do we want to set another meeting date?
10:21:55 <vorlon> I'll be at DebConf
10:21:59 <aba> vorlon: we should
10:22:01  * rra won't be able to make DebConf.
10:22:05 <dondelelcaro> will we be at debcamp? or just debconf?
10:22:13 <bdale> we should indeed set our next meeting date, but I hope/presume we can close some pending things while at Debconf, too
10:22:13 <vorlon> I'm only there for the last day of DebCamp
10:22:17 <dondelelcaro> maybe we can do an online meeting with streaming
10:22:20 <dondelelcaro> ok
10:22:30 <rra> I'd be happy to sign on for an online meeting.
10:22:40 <zack> sorry to be a PITA, but vorlon do you want to keep both action items?
10:22:40 <zack> if the meeting is to ajourn anyhow, maybe they could be parallelized a bit?
10:22:41 <bdale> I'd ask that folks who won't be in Managua pay attention to email and/or IRC in case we want to push votes to conclusion during the week
10:22:41 <dondelelcaro> or half online/half real life
10:22:48 <dondelelcaro> right
10:22:49 <rra> I don't think I have any local video capability, but I can participate via IRC.
10:22:53 <rra> And watch the video.
10:23:17 <vorlon> zack: I'm going to keep them both, yeah... I'm already halfway through the easy one, and the hard one I don't think I can pass off
10:23:26 <bdale> I put in a BOF request, I think, but I don't know if it has been scheduled
10:23:37 <bdale> vorlon: thanks
10:23:54 <aba> ok, which date do we want? or should we take the date of the bof as surprise for the non-attending ones?
10:24:13  * bdale checks penta
10:24:16 <aba> (or do we want to schedule the next online one now, and have the bof-one inbetween?)
10:24:19 <cjwatson> I won't be at DebConf, but (a) I'm happy to commit to paying attention to online things for the duration (b) in any case I intend to take vorlon's lead and block out some explicit time for dealing with TC work
10:24:26 <bdale> BOF request marked as accepted
10:24:29 <cjwatson> Since it's completely dropped off my radar for a while
10:24:44 <cjwatson> I have sporadic local video capability
10:24:47 <bdale> 7/9, 18:00 local time, 45 mins
10:24:49 <dondelelcaro> why don't we schedule one irc meeting now, and we can change it if necessary
10:25:11 <bdale> dondelelcaro: I agree
10:25:17 <rra> does anyone know off-hand what the local GMT offset is for local time there?
10:25:19 <aba> bdale: what does that translate to?
10:25:22 <dondelelcaro> rra: -6, iirc
10:25:23 <rra> I'll get that on my calendar so that I'm on IRC.
10:25:40 <bdale> a month from now would be the 26th of July
10:25:51 <dondelelcaro> does 17:00 UTC on the 26th work for us?
10:25:52 <vorlon> -6, confirmed
10:25:54 <bdale> that's enough after Debconf to seem useful 
10:26:08 <bdale> dondelelcaro: works for me
10:26:14 <cjwatson> 18:00 local - ugh, that's 01:00 here, but doable
10:26:24 <aba> works for me (26th)
10:26:27 <bdale> do we have a calendar somewhere in d.o space we can use, or should I set up another google calendar for these?
10:26:27 <rra> 17:00 UTC on the 26th works great for me.
10:26:34 <aba> it's 02:00 here - not doable I'd say
10:26:47 <bdale> aba: np
10:26:48 <vorlon> 26th ok by me for the next IRC meeting
10:26:50 <dondelelcaro> #startvote 17:00 UTC on July 26th meeting
10:26:59 <vorlon> +1
10:26:59 <dondelelcaro> hrm... maybe I needed to start the meeting, oh well.
10:27:02 <cjwatson> +1
10:27:03 <rra> +1
10:27:05 <bdale> I don't think remote participation for the Managua BOF is all that useful, though of course you're all welcome
10:27:25 <aba> 26th is ok for me, but I won't make the bof.
10:27:44 <rra> I'll probably sit in on-line on the BoF just because I can.
10:27:45 <bdale> zack: anything else you wanted to bring up?
10:28:19 <bdale> for the future, i'll put together a simple meeting script such as what I use for the SPI board meetings and plan to play chair here on IRC, unless someone objects
10:28:37 <rra> That sounds great here.
10:28:46 <bdale> that will include a call for last minute agenda items when we start
10:29:16 -!- dondelelcaro changed the topic of #debian-ctte to: Next meeting date -d 'July 26 2012 17:00 UTC' | Open issues: #614907: node <-> nodejs conflict [vorlon to write up resolution]; #573745: python maintainer [vorlon to write up resolution]; #636783: super-majority conflict; #552688: hardening build flags [rra will close as resolved]      
10:29:25 <bdale> ok, great, I think we're done then .. see those of you in Managua who can be there once I arrive late on the 5th, and we'll meet here again at 17:00 UTC on the 26th!
10:29:32 <dondelelcaro> awesome. ok; see many of you at debconf! 
10:29:36 <zack> bdale: nope, just mentioned above the few things I consider priorities, nothing else
10:29:40 <zack> but thanks for asking
10:29:42 <zack> cheers!
10:30:02 <bdale> zack: I'll also make a point of including an "items from the DPL" query in my script
10:30:55 <rra> Yeah, that's a good idea.
10:30:56 <zack> eh, not sure if I should be happy or worried about that :-P
10:31:11 <vorlon> "What's zack pestering us about now"
10:31:14 <vorlon> :)
10:31:19 <zack> :)
10:32:52 <vorlon> #endmeeting
10:32:56 <vorlon> thanks all :)
10:33:16 <rra> Thanks!
10:33:18 <aba> thanks
10:33:37 -!- rra [~eagle@windlord.Stanford.EDU] has quit [Quit: leaving]
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