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Bug#678679: Spice, current status and the fueture in Debian

28.06.2012 16:43, Liang Guo wrote:
On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 04:46:41PM +0930, Ron wrote:

So far as I can see, you Michael and I all agree that the experimental
package is the only viable candidate for Wheezy.  But you will lose that
option if you do not upload it very, very soon.  The freeze happens in
the next few days.
Michael, do you agree to upload spice 0.10.1-3~nocelt in experimental
to unstable ? If you don't have time, I can upload.

Yes, this should be a good candidate for the upload.  The problem I have
is not a time, but lack of any real internet access (I'm in a hotel till
Jun-30).  So if you can do the upload, please do it, maybe adding whatever
other changes you think are missing still.

I was hoped to have a more recent version of spice in wheezy, so maybe even
the 0.11 version is better, but it is up to you (the nocelt patch should apply
cleanly to 0.11 too).

Thank you very much!


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