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Bug#614907: Question of sincerity on the node/nodejs nausia

Can anyone explain to me why the message I sent with a proposal
containing a MAJOR concession to the Node.js maintainers has not
received a response from the Node.js maintainers but rather caused them
(I'm assuming Jonathan Nieder is some how acting with their knowledge
or approval at some level) to run crying to the technical committee?

The proposal gave them their way provided they were willing to do the
heavy lifting everybody claims should be "so easy."

I have received absolutely no comments, no counter offers, no "sure,"
no "we'll need some help, but ok" and not even "you're nuts." 

Reflecting on this has lead me to the following possible conclusions:

0. The Node.js maintainers were so shocked they have lost all cognitive
abilities and are delirious with joy

1. The Node.js maintainers were never interested in a compromise solution
of any kind

2. Node.js maintainers are not really interested in doing any work to
solve the issue beyond changing their binary back to node

What did I get from proposing a major concession to solve the issue?
I got called a passive aggressive, stonewalling individual not interested in
moving the issue forward.

Thanks for the time and effort, sorry for the noise -


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