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Re: tech-ctte: please help maintainers of packages with a "node" command to have a reasonable conversation

On Thu, May 03, 2012 at 04:23:21PM -0500, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> > Clint Byrum has nudged me about this (wearing his Ubuntu Server hat rather
> > than his shiny new Debian Developer hat) and I've agreed to approach node.js
> > upstream about a possible upstream rename.  I'll report back to the TC what
> > I find out.

> Best of luck.  You know they've been asked twice before (once for Fedora,
> once for Debian), right?

No, didn't know that.  Were these requests public, or can you tell me what
the upstream response was?

> I think an easier sell would be:

>  - just adding a command upstream, not renaming.

That's exactly what I'm proposing.

>  - someone other than Ryan doing the actual work.  There's a patch to 
>    start with at <http://bugs.debian.org/650343#103>.  I imagine the
>    proposed Fedora package could also be helpful to someone working
>    on this.

Well, changing a filename should be trivial; should be no problem to feed
upstream a patch.

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