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Bug#658341: Call for Vote: upload of multi-arch enabled dpkg (in time for wheezy)

On Thu, 2 Feb 2012 10:08:13 +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli <leader@debian.org> wrote:
> I hereby submit to your attention the "dpkg multi-arch conflict".
> I believe the issue is well-known, so I describe it only briefly
> below;

I also believe we've had sufficient discussion about this issue, and I
therefore call for an immediate vote on the following ballot.  My thanks
to Russ Allbery for help drafting the text.

A. While recognizing the substantial benefits of thorough code review, the
   Technical Committee believes the goal of multiarch support in the
   Debian wheezy release is sufficiently important as to warrant accepting
   the current draft implementation into the archive, even if code review
   by the primary dpkg C maintainer cannot be completed in time.  However,
   as much review as possible is strongly desired.

   The Technical Committee therefore overrides the decision of the dpkg
   maintainer to require complete code review before upload of the
   multiarch implementation in dpkg to the Debian archive and sets the
   following upload dates:

   February 6th: upload to experimental for general testing
   February 20th: upload to unstable

   For each of those deadlines, if no implementation of dpkg with
   multiarch support has been uploaded to the archive for that
   distribution by that date, Raphaël Hertzog is empowered by the
   Technical Committee to upload a version of dpkg with multiarch support
   to that distribution.  The upload may be done on or after that date,
   when, in his judgement, the dpkg implementation meets the quality
   standards expected for a Debian core package in those archive

   The Technical Committee strongly encourages anyone with the required
   knowledge to review the multiarch implementation proposed for upload
   and provide the results of that review to the debian-dpkg list as soon
   as possible so that the code can receive as much review as possible and
   the results of that review can be incorporated into the code by those
   dates.  Similarly, the Technical Committee encourages as broad testing
   and review of the experimental implementation as possible so that as
   many bugs as possible can be resolved prior to uploading it to

   This option requires a 3:1 majority.

B. The Technical Committee declines to override the decision of the dpkg
   maintainer to hold the dpkg multiarch implementation until he can
   finish code review.

C. Further discussion.



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