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Bug#640874: leave: debian/rules is not a Makefile

Ian Jackson wrote:
But I agree with Josip's point about the spirit vs. the letter: if we
write into policy that debian/rules must be a makefile, Josip can
comply with the policy by what amounts IMO to trickery.  And it's not
trickery that's simple to forbid, given that that trickery is exactly
what dh(1) uses.
And one implausible one:

3. Require that it be a makefile and FORBID
		debian/myscript $@
   but PERMIT
		dh $@

Just an idea as an outsider how about

4: Require it be a makefile and additionally require that if the makefile makes use of wildcards it must implement a "listtargets" target.

  Listtargets would return a list of supported targets. Tools looking
for targets would search the makefile for targets and run debian/listtargets if they found wildcards.

That way tools could still get a list of supported targets even if
wildcards are used and dh wouldn't need to be special cased (though it
would need to be modified to implement the new target).

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