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Re: Bug#573745: ping

On Wed, Mar 09, 2011 at 07:18:16PM +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> Fair enough, I'll consider starting myself a discussion about a
> potential Python maintenance team on -python. It's still only a
> "consider" as the tricky part is that, for various reasons already
> mentioned in this bug log, it is unlikely that the current maintainer
> will participate in a public discussion which can easily degenerate into
> mud throwing.  As a consequence of that, I believe it would also be hard
> to obtain an explicit ACK from the current maintainers on additional
> co-maintainers.

> Let's assume for a moment (very hypothetically!) that a team can be
> found which both includes the current maintainer and has rough consensus
> on -python.  Would the CTTE be willing to establish such a team as
> Python interpreter maintainers, even in absence of an explicit public
> ACK by the current maintainer?

> (I duly notice that if the answer to the above is "no", we have evidence
> of an easy DOS attack vector that can block this resolution forever.)

Do you mean that you would get a *private* ack from the current maintainer,
but no public one?

As commented in my previous mail, I don't believe that a maintenance *team*
can be formed without the consent of all involved, and that a forced team
eventually devolves into either a forced takeover or a failed takeover.  (In
this case, since it's with the TC's imprimatur, it would presumably be a
forced takeover.)  So I'm only willing to consider forming a team without
the explicit consent of the current maintainer under circumstances where I
think a forced takeover is also an acceptable outcome.

But as long as we have the current maintainer's agreement (in whatever
form), this concern is null.  And if the problem is that the current
maintainer can DoS the process by not responding, I'm ok with giving an
ultimatum that we would go forward with a change unless Matthias responds in
a certain (reasonable) timeframe, provided that he still has the option to
say "no".

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