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Re: Question - nvidia

Hallo! Du (thewormhole@gmail.com) hast geschrieben:

> Hi, this is probably the wrong address, ...

it is.

> Coud you update nvidia pacage?
> Curent pacage version is 195.36.31+2+4+2.6.32-24
> But current nvidia driver is 260.19.36, so could you update nvidia packages?
> Sorry for the trouble but, if you are wrong address for this, could
> you forward this mail to the people who are taking care of nvidia
> packages in Debian. Or send me mail of the people who maintain nvidia
> packages?

apt-get install reportbug
reportbug $your_package (nvidia-whatever)

Follow instructions.

File a wishlist-Bug for updating the package.

        Cord, Debian Listmaster of the day

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