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Bug#587886: future of maintaining of the bootloader LILO

On Sat, 10 Jul 2010, Ian Jackson wrote:
> I think it's clear from William's response that joint maintainership
> involving both William on one hand, and one or both of Matt and
> Joachim on the other hand, is not tenable.
> I think this leaves the Technical Committee with two options:
>  A. lilo should be removed.  In the meantime, William is to be sole
>     maintainer of lilo.  His promised request to the ftp team to
>     remove lilo should be honoured, after which the ftp masters should
>     not permit Matt and/or Joachim to reupload a new lilo package.
>  B. lilo should be retained in unstable.  Matt and Joachim are to be
>     joint maintainers of lilo.  
> If lilo is retained in unstable that does not mean, of course, that it
> will be included in squeeze (or indeed any other relase).  If anyone
> (William included) feels that the package has bugs which are so
> serious that they should not be included in Debian releases, then they
> may file bugs at a release-critical severity.  
> If the bugs are determined to be release-critical (by the maintainer
> in the first instance of course, but subject to review by the Release
> Team and Technical Committee) then the package will not be released.
> Does anyone disagree with this assessment ?

This sounds correct and reasonable to me. Is anyone not happy with
bringing this issue to a vote in the near future? Is there some other
question or more information which we need to resolve?

Don Armstrong

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