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Bug#573745: No response from official maintainer

Hello, Russ, Sandro.

>> given another week has passed without a public comment on this matter
>> by Matthias, could you please decide how long Andriy should wait for a
>> reply? (JFTR, Matthias is not busy doing other things other than
>> Debian, look at bugs and uploads and mails and irc chats.)

Thanks for your care. I have already spoken to Matthias in person in
IRC on the 9th of September. I wanted to post the result of the
conversation anyway. Here is some quotes of it:

<doko_!irc.oftc.net> you are right, I should have responded earlier
<doko_!irc.oftc.net> I had a try at 0.8 myself
<doko_!irc.oftc.net> splitting the slave and the master
<Jolly_Roger> well, splitting wasn't so hard. But I'd like you to look
in the package anyway since it has new manpages and a little more
debianized /debian directory (I tried to use a bit more helpers)
<Jolly_Roger> I just wish my work will be handy
<doko_!irc.oftc.net> copied to http://people.debian.org/~doko/tmp/
<doko_!irc.oftc.net> but, it's too late for squeeze. fine with me to
upload to experimental
<Jolly_Roger> thanks. Is there any way I can help you with this package?
<doko_!irc.oftc.net> sure, if you are interested in that, I'd like to
merge/replace my experimental things with yours
<Jolly_Roger> i don't recommend uploading it anywhere until review
anyway. It seems there are some things broken (e.g. init scripts don't
always detect bot startup failure)
<Jolly_Roger> thanks. I'm interested for sure :)
<doko_!irc.oftc.net> cool!
<doko_!irc.oftc.net> it's not that urgent, so I'd like to delay any
substantil work until mid of october if possible
<doko_!irc.oftc.net> buildbot won't be upgraded for squeeze
<Jolly_Roger> i know that. Should this stop me working on it? :)
<doko_!irc.oftc.net> I'll come back to you after October. If you want
to merge/replace your approach, please email me directly
<doko_!irc.oftc.net> no, your work is appreciated
<Jolly_Roger> thanks. I'll do so. I'll use your @debian.org email just in case

So for now I'll be glad to become a contributor to this package. I
hadn't spoken about maintainership of the package. I'll try to do so
if I get a chance.

> Is this work targetted at squeeze?

It would be great, of course, but the package isn't ready for a stable
release. That's why I'm asking for review. I can't say it's ready
until I will be sure all solutions described in [1] or [2] (they are
the same) are ok. In fact, this is my first workon packaging for
Debian. I'll try to get the package to experimental soon after i'll be
sure about [1] and [2].

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2010/09/msg00093.html
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-python/2010/09/msg00012.html

Thanks again, Sandro, Russ.

with best regards, Andriy Senkovych

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