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Re: runinit-run, releaseability thereof

On Thu, 08 Jul 2010, Ian Jackson wrote:
>  * We decided to refer to the Release Team the question as to
>    whether the package is releaseable in its current state.
> So, we would appreciate it if you would take a look at this situation
> and decide.  When you've decided you should probably set the severity
> of #562945 so that it's release-critical iff you think runinit-run is
> not releaseable in its current state.  For now I have set the bug to
> "serious".

I've reassigned this bug to runit-run, since it's no longer something
that the ctte needs to deal with.

Release team: if you think this bug makes runit-run unreleaseable,
please indicate as such; otherwise I think it's reasonable for the
maintainer to downgrade the severity of this bug if the maintainer
feels that it is releasable. [If there's some disagreement as to
whether it is releasable or not, that technical decision can of course
be refered back to the ctte.]

Don Armstrong

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