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Re: Bug#573745: python maintainance: next steps

Clint Adams writes ("Re: Bug#573745: python maintainance: next steps"):
> On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 05:13:35PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > So can I make a suggestion ?  How about we have people send in
> > privately names that you think would make excellent candidates.  Email
> > them to any TC member and we can pass it on to the other TC members by
> > private email.
> How does this kind of secrecy serve the best interests of the project?

That's a fair question.

I don't think we'll find that people are able to express themselves
honestly about possible candidates if they expect that everyone is
reading what they say.  Non-socially-dysfunctional people don't like
to engage in highly public personal criticism of people they think
they are likely to have to work with in the future, at least until
they've got to the point where they are so frustrated that they burn
their bridges.

So if we want the views of those who are (a) not socially
dysfunctional and (b) not committed to a side of this dispute already,
we will probably have to let them express their opinions in a more
private setting.

The alternative would be to just ask for positive recommendations, I
guess.  It would be very difficult for anyone to criticise a
candidate.  Even with asking for positive recommendations, there is a
potential problem with people feeling aggrieved due to being left off
someone's proposed candidate list.


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