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Re: Bug#573745: python maintainance: next steps

* Josselin Mouette (joss@debian.org) [100513 03:09]:
> Le mercredi 12 mai 2010 à 23:28 +0200, Andreas Barth a écrit :
> > > > I don't want to loose Matthias contributions to python
> > > > within Debian and the python community.
> > > 
> > > This is completely irrelevant, unless Matthias threatened to stop
> > > contributing unless he can keep setting the rules. But I know the CTTE
> > > wouldn’t take such “don’t touch my garden” blackmail into account, of
> > > course.
> > 
> > I would expect that deciding to remove him from being maintainer would
> > demotivate him - at least that would be a natural thing to happen.
> This line of reasoning is fallacious. I could reverse it and talk about
> people who are demotivated because they feel the current maintainer is
> incompetent. How could this help guiding the decision?

Don't you see that we want to end that?

> > > It means giving a veto power to Matthias about who can or cannot
> > > contribute, while not giving this power to others.
> > 
> > Eh, where does that proposal give Matthias veto power?
> If Matthias can refuse someone to be part of the core team because he
> doesn’t trust that person, that’s a veto power.

For the initial setup, I would like to have people in the core team
that are ok by both Matthias and the people who brought this to the
tech ctte (e.g. you). If that doesn't work out, we'll of course decide
who is in the core team. I think that's reasonable.

For further changes, it's the task of the core team to setup an
procedure how to do that.


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