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Bug#557948: Severity of 557948 and plans for this bug

On Monday 01 March 2010 23:21:37 Don Armstrong wrote:
> Is there still a request for the ctte to override the maintainer on
> the severity of this bug?
> FWICT, Anibal agrees that this is a bug, and currently the only issue
> is how to best fix both it and #500454.


As I consider this issue much more severe than #500454 and it looks like 
*nothing* has happened. Even a revert would have been better. And at the same 
time maintainer has a track record of ignoring non-rc bugs.

Please override the maintainer.

How can I do for unmounting the wordprocessor on the 53X hardware?

You must click a kernel in order to insert a hard disk on the SIMM.

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