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Bug#422139: Please supply a sysvinit script

Gerrit Pape writes ("Re: Bug#422139: Please supply a sysvinit script"):
> Yes, sure.  If there's an init script that's well integrated into the
> git packages contributed, I have no problem to apply the patch to the
> git-core packages.  As I'm not that motivated, and sometimes also short
> on time, to deal with bugs concerning this patch, but prefer to support
> the git-daemon-run package, it'd be very nice if the one who contributes
> that sysv init integration also takes care of corresponding bug reports
> that might be filed.

Great, thanks for that constructive approach.  I think we are close to
an agreement.  I definitely think it should be understood that the
contributors of the init.d script machinery should maintain it.  If
they don't do so to your reasonable satisfaction I think you'd be
justified in disabling/removing it so that it doesn't get in your

> A separate binary package named git-daemon-sysv or so, that conflicts
> and provides git-daemon-run, is the way I'd do the integration.

Personally I think the profusion of tiny packages is not all that
nice.  It would be better to solve that problem (that the
administrator should be able to choose whether to run the daemon) with
a debconf question.

I would agree with Kurt's comments about the separation between


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