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Re: Functionality of the committee, and maintainership disputes

On Sun, Mar 09, 2008 at 12:17:18PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Firstly, I think the committee is not doing its job.  I've been very
> frustrated with the lack of progress.  I think we need to fix this.
> I'm all ears for suggestions but I think more is needed than promises
> to try harder.  One possibility would be a radical expansion (to up
> to 15, perhaps), which with a sqrt(N) quorum would leave a quorum of
> 3.

The constitution has:
    1. The Technical Committee consists of up to 8 Developers, and should
       usually have at least 4 members.

So you'll atleast need to change the constitution for that.

It also says that the quorum is always 2.

Using the quorum rules as used for DDs, with 15 you would get a quorum
of 1.93.  (Sqrt(15)/2).

I'm also not conviced that adding more people will actually solve

> So I would suggest that the Constitution should be amended to say that
> a TC member may not vote (other than a casting vote) on whether or not
> they are the maintainer of some package.  And of course we should all
> pretend that that is what it says.

You could agrue that it's one of the potential maintainers and that
both can be overriden and so would be implied.  But it's not clearly
spelled out.


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