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Re: Bug#412976 repoened - reassign tech-ctte (mixmaster /etc/default/*)

Florian Weimer writes ("Re: Bug#412976 repoened - reassign tech-ctte (mixmaster /etc/default/*)"):
> The manpage also says:
> | System administrators are not encouraged to use update-rc.d to manage
> | runlevels.
> My experience with update-rc.d has been mixed at best.  Removing the S
> links manually is probably the better approach (instead of accidentally
> removing the K links as well, risking reactivation).

Do you think the manpage should be changed ?  Manually removing the S
links definitely ought to be supported, is quite an obvious route to
take for the admin, and is easy.  So I don't see why we would
recommend using a tool to do it.


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