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Re: Bug#412976 repoened - reassign tech-ctte (mixmaster /etc/default/*)

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007, Jari Aalto wrote:

> [BTS control messages were sent separately]
[apparently not yet, but I'll provide a summary anyway.]

Summary of current status:

o The mixmaster package provides both the client and server functionality.
o By default the server part (running a remailer) is not enabled.
o To configure mixmaster to run as a remailer the admin has to set a dozen
  options in /etc/mixmaster/remailer.conf.  Options like email address,
  which formats they will accept, whether to run as an exit or only as a
  middleman remailer, etc.
o One of those options is the REMAIL setting, which enables or disables
  the remailing ("server") part of mixmaster.
o The init script has code to only try starting the mixmaster daemon, which
  is only needed when it's being run as a remailer, when the REMAIL option
  is actually set to "y" in that config file.

The submitter wants a new conffile, /etc/default/mixmaster, that is
sourced by the init script to control whether the daemon is started.
That would either be in addition or instead of the REMAIL setting in
/etc/mixmaster/remailer.conf which is already used by the mixmaster

Obviously my suggestion is to reject this request.


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