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Re: Bug#367709: Call for vote: gcc: requesting libstdc++.udeb

vorlon@debian.org (Steve Langasek) writes:

> FWIW, I think it could have been made clearer that choice 2 refers to not
> overruling the maintainer's decision, rather than instructing the maintainer
> not to create the udeb package.

Yes, good point.  I'll try to pick better text for votes in the future.

> (but then, if they were sorted I have no reason to think the
> maintainer would have to be overruled).


What was completely lacking in this case was a compelling use case for the 
requested feature addition.  As I've stated elsewhere, I think there is a 
"burden of proof" on anyone requesting a new feature addition like this to 
provide such a use case, preferably in the form of working code everyone 
involved can evaluate...


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