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Re: requesting libstdc++ .udeb in order to produce c++ based images based on d-i technology (but not d-i).

> Well, if you provided a valid technical argumentation, weighing the pro
> and contra points, and then taking a decision, then it would be
> acceptable, but this is not this case, there was no technical decision,
> but a decision based on behyind the scene lobyying, and influence, or
> more likely because debian decided to go in a witch hunt against me, and
> now that i have been lynched, you are unable to go by any other decision
> other than continuing in your shameful ways.

> So, i defy you to come up with a reasoned and argumented objective
> discussion on the technical merit of having a libstdc++ .udeb package in
> the archive, and once you have made that, then i will abide by whatever
> decision you take. 

I retract, with apologies, my previous on-list comments to Ian that this bug
should be considered fairly in spite of the identity of the submitter.  In
my own idealism, I have underestimated the disregard that Sven has for all
Debian governance structures.  Regardless of the technical merits of
any issue Sven might bring to us, it is a waste of this committee's time to
consider such matters because Sven does not recognize the TC as having any
authority to rule against him.  Instead he treats the TC as just one more
tool to wield (and abuse) in order to achieve his personal goals.

I would be willing to vote 'yes' on a position statement from the committee
to this effect.  Otherwise I intend to abstain from any further votes on
issues submitted by Sven.

Sven, I have made every effort to weigh the technical facts of your request
without prejudice against you, and you have repaid this effort by heaping
further abuse on the TC.  It would have been a trivial matter for you to
check the mailing list archives for the text of the committee members'
votes, to see the rationale provided there; but in your anger against all of
Debian, this is apparently too much to expect.  

Unless you can bring yourself to acknowledge *and answer* others' positions
instead of trying to deny their legitimacy, further discussion with you is
of no conceivable benefit to anyone.

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