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Bug#429671: exim4 username

Package: tech-ctte
Severity: normal
User: exim4@packages.debian.org
Usertags: Debian-exim


  As outlined in bugs: #223831, #223963, #225031, #233803, #255493,
  #262195, not everyone agrees with the concept of having a 'namespace'
  for Debian-created system accounts.  It would be of great benefit to
  have an official ruling from the tech committee on this issue.

  For my part (and Marc can provide his counterpart), I don't feel it's
  possible, or appropriate, for Debian to try to solve the
  username-collision problem.  The best thing to do is be consistant and
  clean, but also flexible and allow the user to change the username if
  they need to.  Clearly any username picked by Debian could be used by
  a user (especially in a multi-server arrangment with multiple Debian
  systems using a common username directory) and in such situations
  conflict is inevitable and unavoidable, even with 'namespace' concept.
  Additionally, I don't feel it's appropriate for Debian to try and
  co-opt any part of the username 'namespace' from the user.



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