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Re: Bug#385665: Call for vote: fluidsynth: Move to contrib

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[ 2 ] Choice 1: fluidsynth should move to contrib as per bug #385665
[ 1 ] Choice 2: fluidsynth should remain in main despite bug #385665
[ 3 ] Choice 3: Further discussion
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        I tend to give more weight to the license of the software
 itself; which in this case is free; that the supposed intent of the
 users (there was the WEP cracker software recently introduced,
 despite people complaining it was a black hat only tool -- and
 countered by other people saying it can have security uses).

        I also found compelling the scenario that even if users used
 free software in conjunction with non-free data/drivers, there is
 potential for free data/drivers to be created, and then users shall
 find a tested, well known, free software suite ready to go the rest
 of the way.  Let not perfect be the enemy of the good.

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