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Bug#413926: wordpress: Should not ship with Etch

Sorry to be a queue-jumper, but I'd like to see the TC address this
wordpress question quickly so that the release team doesn't have to make a
decision by default for etch while the TC is deliberating (or sleeping, as
the case may be :-).

In <http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=413926;msg=99>, Neil
McGovern seems to make a good point that wordpress's security track record
is comparable to that of other web apps in the same category, such as
phpmyadmin, moodle, phpbb2, and bugzilla.

However, on closer examination, the source data that Neil used here
(svn://svn.debian.org/svn/secure-testing/data/CVE/list) covers *all*
historical CVEs dating back to 1999.  This means that, while the history for
phpbb2 and bugzilla includes CVE entries dating back to 2002, and the
history for phpmyadmin stretches back to 2001, the earliest CVE for
wordpress, a comparatively young piece of software, is CVE-2004-1559.
Viewed this way, wordpress definitely appears to have one of the /highest/
rates of security holes for webapps of its class.  If the security team
believes this is likely to remain the case, then it seems perfectly
reasonable to me that they would not want the package to be included in a
stable release.

FWIW, I also took a look at some popcon numbers for these webapps, and
here's what I found for number of reported installs:

  phpmyadmin: 3504
  wordpress: 245
  phpbb2: 197
  bugzilla: 148

So that makes wordpress somewhat middle-of-the-road by this metric.  But of
course, almost all of the packages with higher CVE counts, in addition to
having longer histories, also have much longer install bases -- packages
like the kernel, the web browsers, apache2, ethereal, and php4.

I would conclude here that there's insufficient grounds for overriding the
security team's decision.

Does anyone disagree or think more information is needed, or should I
propose a vote?

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