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Pending tech-ctte items

Hi all,

We've got the following items pending:

 - 353277, 353278: "ndiswrapper should be in contrib"
   Owned by Raul

   These were forwarded to the ctte on 20th Feb 2006, by Robert Millan.

   I proposed a resolution on this on 7th Mar 2006, in


   Steve Langasek (then ctte chair) proposed deferring a vote on that
   pending a version of Raul's proposal able to be voted on, which afaik
   still hasn't happened. There were four votes on my proposal at the
   time: in favour from me and Manoj, against from Ian and Raul.


   ndiswrapper currently remains in main.

 - 385665: "fluidsynth needs non-free midi sound bank to function"
   No owner

   Forwarded to the ctte on 20th Sep 2006, by Steinar H. Gunderson.

   Last response on 28th Sep 2006 by Guenter Geiger includes what appears
   to be instructions on how to create sound fonts using free tools. Do we
   consider that sufficient evidence that it doesn't need non-free stuff?

 - 341839: "md5sum output format violates tech-ctte decision"
   Owned by: Ian

   Forwarded to the ctte on 16th Dec 2005, by Peter Eisentraut

   "echo | md5sum" outputs "68b329da9893e34099c7d8ad5cb9c940  -" instead
   of just "68b329da9893e34099c7d8ad5cb9c940". This matches the formats
   used by upstream, and by related tools such as sha1sum, sha256sum
   and sha512sum, as well as the output in current stable, testing and
   unstable. I think we should rescind the previous decision in favour of
   existing practice.

 - 366938: "svn commit access to the d-i repo ..."
   Owned by: Anthony

   Sent to the ctte on the 12th May 2006

   Andi proposed a resolution to endorse the d-i team's control over the


   I suggest we vote on that.

 - 367709: "requesting libstdc++ .udeb [for non-d-i use]"
   Owned by: Anthony

   Sent to the ctte on 17th May 2006 by Sven Luther

   We have statements from the d-i team that they don't want non-d-i
   packages building udebs for the debian-installer/main component,
   and and from the gcc maintainer that he doesn't want to build extra

   Andi proposed a resolution to not use the d-i section of the archive
   for this, and to encourage embedded people to keep looking into good


   I suggest we vote on that.

 - 402793: tech-ctte: gst-ffmpeg links with its own private ffmpeg copy
   Not owned

   Sent to the ctte on 12th Dec 2006 by Josselin Mouette

   Steve indicated that he didn't think the maintainer should be overriden
   without the security team or release team indicating it's unsupportable
   in its current state on 15th Dec. There's been no followup since.

   I suggest we form that into a proposal and vote on it.


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