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Re: Renewed appeal to the technical committee about the FransAndCo.Vs.Sven dispute

Sven Luther writes ("Re: Renewed appeal to the technical committee about the FransAndCo.Vs.Sven dispute"):
> On Fri, Nov 24, 2006 at 11:43:08AM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > 3. Whether or not someone should be permitted commit access to a
> >    repository is a social and political matter.  Therefore we do not
> >    have the power to overrule the d-i team on this question.
> So, you clearly agree that there is no technical reason for the the
> svn commit access to be removed. This is a strong claim of frans and
> joeyh, that this is not a personal dispute, but there are technical
> reasons for the current state of things.

Firstly, I have no particular interest in the details of this.  It is
Frans and Joey's decision and you'll just have to live with it.  If
they said that they were denying you commit access because the moon
was made of green cheese it would not be for the TC to overrule them.
(Although we might issue an opinion saying we thought it wasn't.)

Secondly, I regret to say that I have some reservations about the
accuracy of your reports of other people's opinions and actions.

> I would very much like a detailed comment from you to justify this. [...]

Many other people have tried to explain this to you and failed.  I see
no reason to think I'm going to have any more success.

>   1) this is not a technical issue, even if is has technical consequences on
>   the quality of the debian distribution on powerpc, and affects our powerpc
>   users.


>   2) i should stop bothering the technical committee about this.


>   3) the DPL should create a proper delegation to a group who will be able to
>   handle a fair mediation on this, as well as have the power to act afterward.

I warn you that if you think this will be to your advantage in this
dispute you are seriously mistaken.

>   2) if you do not do this, then you have to be fair, and condemn both
>   behaviours.

I have seen no clear evidence of unreasonable behaviour by Frans or
Joey.  I have seen you behaving unreasonably despite requests from
nearly everyone to shut up.  So it is quite fair of me to condemn you
and not them.


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