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Bug#366938: svn commit access to the d-i repo ...

On Fri, May 12, 2006 at 10:38:58AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:

> Ok, this is an attemtp to statuate on the problematic which has been
> opposing me and the d-i team on the subject of the commit access to the
> d-i repository.

> The decision to remove my svn commit access was done in order to solve a
> social problem, and lacks any technical reasoning, and furthermore, this
> decision causes technical hurdles and problems, and this issue is thus of
> the ressort of the technical committee. 

I am not willing to entertain this matter at all, even to the point of a
position statement reiterating the DPL's authority, unless you agree to
accept this committee's decision as final.  Given that you accused the DPL
of taking Frans's side in response to his first public message on the
subject of mediation, I think you are grasping at straws, seeking
vindication, *not* arbitration; and I see no point in spending time on this
issue here if you're just going to turn around and start a GR if you don't
like our decision.  You probably think it's terribly unjust of me to ask you
to give up your constitutional right to appeal to the developers, but then,
I think it's unjust of you to appeal to every authority in the constitution
instead of taking responsibility for trying to build a mature working
relationship with the people from whom you are currently demanding the
restoration of d-i commit access.

I'm surprised you would bring this issue to the TC at all; you already know
the opinion of two TC members on the question of whether Frans's action was
acceptable, because you and I had a long private discussion about it on IRC,
and the DPL whose mediation you've rejected is also a member of the
committee.  The probability of getting a 3:1 overruling of Frans's decision
from this committee when 2 of 7 members already disagree with you is
incredibly small.  And even if we did overrule him, do you honestly think
that forcing him to accept you as a member of the team when it's clear that
you two do not respect and trust each other is something that's good for

> Furthermore, the subversion repository is used as communication between
> the different members of a project, and in cases like d-i, it is the
> prefered form of modification for the code base included in it. Notice
> this 'prefered form of modification', which has some serious implications
> with regard to GPLed code.

This is the most miserable sort of FUD, and I'm ashamed for you for making
such a claim in your desperation to regain membership in the d-i team.  You
don't do yourself any favors at all by exaggerating and making outrageous

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