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Re: Tech ctte tweaks

On 2/7/06, Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:
> It seems to contradict 6.1.7 of the constitution as written to have an
> automatically rotating chair, however.  Are we amending the constitution (no
> way to get that done by the 15th), or is this just an informal agreement for
> each chair to vacate after a term of two months?

I don't think we need to amend the constitution for that.

I mean, the constitution says that the vote for the committee chair
begins a week before the chair would be vacated, and that all
members are nominated.

For Anthony's proposal, (which I think Ian tentatively agreed to) the chair
would (assuming I'm right about Ian's agreement) be vacated on 15 Feb,
which means that voting opens on 8 Feb.  [That's today.]

We are approaching this from a different angle than the constitution
implies -- we not only have everyone on the ballot, we have
everyone on the ballot in a scheduled fashion.  But unless someone
in the committee raises a serious objection to this approach, I
don't see that it should be a problem.

I'll vote in favor of this proposal -- contingent on Ian's continued



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