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Re: Processed: reassign

> reassign 341901 tech-ctte
> reassign 341901 devmapper

I'm afraid I don't understand why you have reassigned these bugs to
tech-ctte and then back to devmapper.

>From the discussion in 329409 it seems clear that the TC has been
asked to take up this issue.  And it does seem that this is a
situation where we should provide the decision.

But, before we do I just want to be sure that that's what you intend.
The TC is not empowered to just go ahead and make a decision without
being asked to, which is why I'd like you to be clear.  I wouldn't
like the TC to be accused of overstepping its authority.

JOOI, have you read http://www.debian.org/devel/tech-ctte ?


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