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Re: Committee members please check you got my test

Jason Gunthorpe writes ("Re: Committee members please check you got my test"):
> Yes, I probably can, if you tell me where the archive you are having
> problems is located.

I had a conversation on IRC with Josip Rodin, who asserted that there
was an archive readable to all developers, as a result of some
boilerplate list description.

> I'm not sure if the list on murphy is setup to deny subscription though.
> That might be a further problem. Listmaster would have to fix that.

Err, yes, that too.  Really, a simple exploder alias will do - we
don't want automatic addition, and for 4-8 people manual editing is
probably OK.

Perhaps it would be easier just to make debian-ctte-private@debian.org
an alias for my exploder on chiark ...


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