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Re: Bug#97671: xutils: why is rstart.real a conffile?

Everyone: please do not CC debian-ctte on this discussion.

Anthony Towns writes ("Re: Bug#97671: xutils: why is rstart.real a conffile?"):
> reassign 97671 tech-ctte
> thanks

The Technical Committee has already referred this question to the
Bug System Administrators and the Project Leadership.  Quoting from
our resolution on the matter:

  We therefore recommend that

   * The bug system administrators and/or the project leader or some
     other delegates appointed by the project leader decide on the
     proper use of the bug system features.

While we did say

   * Should a disputed technical question be raised, we would be happy
     to answer it.

no disputed technical question has been clearly stated.

Please do not reassign this bug back to the Technical Committee.
The Technical Committee is not the correct body even for deciding who
should decide this.

Ie, take this damn thing away !

I'm going to reassign this bug to `project'.  Bdale, I think it'll
have to be up to you to sort out this inane turf war.


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