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Re: Bug#164889: md5sum <FILE produces spurious ` -' in output

> Please read my summary of the situation.  Debian has been shipping its
> own md5sum since at least in August 1994.  It's the GNU people who've
> made a change to the behaviour.

Yes, and I think that the time to lobby GNU to conform to the Debian
md5sum behavior was long before GNU's md5sum established itself as THE
md5sum.  No one uses PGP2's md5sum, and I certainly wouldn't write a
script depending on the "Debian behavior".

> The time for changing Debian md5sum's behaviour has long passed.

Perhaps, but there's still time to retire it.

> Also, you don't address my argument that the original behaviour is
> much more convenient.

I don't think it's relevant.  However, since you seem to, I will point
out that it's not inconvenient for me at all.

print ${"$(print test | md5sum)"%% *}

will give me the same result whether md5sum is Debian's historical
md5sum, Debian's "rogue" md5sum, GNU's md5sum, or an alias to *BSD's md5.

Furthermore, if someone packages a BSD md5, you can get the dashless
output merely by piping to md5(1), which is 3 keystrokes more

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