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debian-ctte-private out of use, in fact

I've just had a conversation with Josip Rodin on IRC, and it seems
that -ctte-private is actually being archived to a file which is
readable to all developers.  This isn't really what we want if we're
going to have a sensitive conversation about who'd make a good tech
ctte member.

Also, it seems that I'm the _only_ person who is receiving
debian-ctte-private !  Our other ctte members don't seem to have found
the time to respond to my pings.

So, I've set up an alias debian-ctte-private@chiark.greenend.org.uk,
which currently contains only Raul and me.  Please mail me to say what
address you'd like adding.  I'll give it another week and then go
ahead and post the call for applications.


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