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Re: Committee members please check you got my test

Ian Jackson writes ("Committee members please check you got my test"):
> I've just sent a test message to debian-ctte-private.  To avoid any
> problems with the call for applications that I'm going to send out,
> please let me know within the next few days if you didn't get my other
> test mail.

Right, I think I've done what I can to make sure that all of the
committee get debian-ctte-private, so I'm going to send out the call
for applications as soon as I can check that no-one is on
-ctte-private who shouldn't be.

Raul wasn't on -ctte-private, but I'm sending copies of the mails I
receive to him using my .forward.  Manoj also wasn't on the list, but
hasn't replied to my request to say which email he wants his copies
sent to, so I haven't done that yet.

I've just sent out another test mail.  If you got that other test
mail then your -ctte-private mail is working.  If you didn't then
please mail me now saying what address you want me to send your stuff
to and I'll set that up, and also send you a digest of anything that's
been received so far.


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