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Re: [herbert@gondor.apana.org.au: Re: Bug#161931: kernel-image-2.4.19-k7: VESA driver for console]

#include <hallo.h>
* Herbert Xu [Fri, Oct 25 2002, 10:00:20PM]:
> > > Firstly I argue that VESA FB is only needed by a very small proportion
> > > of our i386 users.  This stems from the fact that the great majority of
> > 
> > I strongly object to this attitude. Shall we start argumenting for
> What attitude? The sentence you quoted is just a premise for the
> conclusion below.

Exactly, you argument with "minority" not knowing the numbers.

> Well the laptop users that you know seem to be rather different
> from those that I know.  The people who I know either use X or
> are quite happy with text in vga16.
> > VGA16 as replacement is a joke - and you know this.
> It's quite useable for laptops in text mode at least.

Useable - sure, but how? Sticked to 640x480, too large font, a nightmare
for console user. And it is not sharpen on LCD monitors while you can
set a vesafb resolution that you need.

> > > it as a matter of principle.  There is a number of other device drivers
> > > in the kernel which have not be modularised.  They're similar to VESA FB 
> > 
> > Examples please. Good examples.
> arpd, sch_atm, lp_console, nfs_root, ...

As said, _good_ examples. How many users need that features? Note, am
talking about masses of home and soho systems, not terminal servers.

> > You have already began to do so with much larger pieces of code, ie.
> > quota support. Remember, we are talking about support for a hardware
> Well It's my job as the maintainer to make such decisions.  I have
> decided that quota is of general interest and irreplaceble while
> vesafb is not.

I do not know any single user that uses quota on the personal box, only
few servers.

> > Who exactly needs this flexibility? Your kernel packages are for
> > _users_. 
> The flexibility to modularise fbcon.  You may wish to use an alternative
> implementation for instance.

As said, WHO needs it?

> > As said, it is said to be not trivial.
> I certainly see no obvious stumbling block.  Unfortunately I have so
> many things to do and the fact that you keep bitching certainly isn't
> a great motivating factor.

Sure. But I am not the first and not the last person bitching
about your bullheaded decisions. EOD.

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