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Bug#154950: Thoughts on GNOME 2 transition

On Thu, 2002-09-05 at 11:23, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> I would tentatively agree with a complete upgrade to G2D in unstable without
> the migration stuff finished, given that it will just make users have to fix
> up their settings. However, allowing them the option means that we'd get
> better testing of the migration scripts from the people who were genuinely
> interested in trying it out, and no flames from people pissed off that their
> desktop has been hosed.

I think the best compromise is that we keep it in experimental until we
have at least something in the way of transitition scripts.  The scripts
wouldn't have to be complete, but they should make a passable attempt at
converting user customizations.

After we have that, we upload to unstable, and replace GNOME 1.4.  We
get bug reports about the scripts, and fix them.  After all the dust has
settled (say a month or maybe two), we can then try to move all of GNOME
2 into testing at once.  Then we'll get bug reports from the testing
users, and we can polish up the scripts.

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