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Bug#154950: gnome1/gnome2: What other choices do we have?

Le Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 11:29:32AM -0400, Raul Miller écrivait:
> If there's any other aspect to this problem, I've overlooked it.

Your analysis is quite good.

> It's tempting (though probably premature) to treat this whole situation
> by filing bugs against the gnome1 packages which don't have gnome2
> equivalents: "doesn't work with gnome2".

Yes, in particular for the various "applets" that do not work yet on
Gnome2. Other applications (like evolution or anything else) are not a
big problem, they continue to work until they are ported although they
may not perfectly integrate with the new Gnome 2 (eg not the same look
with the old GTK).

> But, really, I don't see the technical side of this issue.  All the
> "badness" is being confined to unstable, and it looks like the handling
> of the problems in unstable falls within our historical practices and
> guidelines.  Or did I miss something?

No, you missed nothing. In any case the badness will be confined in

I gave 3 ways to make the transition happen, I've been advocating for
the first solution (it's Christian Marillat's prefered solution too).
But not everyone agreed with us, they are asking for the second
solution ... I proposed a third solution as an alternate way that may
help resolve the conflict.

I only want the technical committee to decide for us which of the three
solutions is the best.

> Can we fall back on 6.3.5 here?  [That is: we're being asked to make a
> decision, but couldn't we be pushing back and asking for more detailed
> proposals?]

I really don't know what you need more... you have to be more precise in
what you need.

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