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Re: Release-critical bugs, and #97671

Ian Jackson writes ("Re: Release-critical bugs, and #97671"):
> The Technical Committee has passed the following resolution, regarding
> the dispute surrounding Bug#97671 and the proper use of the Severity
> tag and other BTS features:
>    We therefore recommend that
>    * The bug system administrators and/or the project leader or some
>      other delegates appointed by the project leader decide on the
>      proper use of the bug system features.

I'd therefore like to formally request that the bug system
administrators and/or the project leader take responsibility for this
issue.  I have spoken informally to one of the bug system
administrators on IRC, and was advised that they wish to avoid process
and political questions and want to just keep the software working.

Therefore, I'd suggest that the project leader ought to consider the
question, or delegate it.  Should I reassign the bug report to the
`project' pseudo-package ?  Or is there some other pseudo-package for
the project leader ?


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