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Re: Technical Committee: decision on #119517?

>>"Ian" == Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> writes:

 Ian> Err, the behaviour you see is AIUI the same you get from *any* failure
 Ian> by fvwm to open or parse the config file; ie, it's fvwm's failsafe
 Ian> response (which is reasonably good, but could do with better error
 Ian> reporting in most configurations).

	Yes, it is. I did not see lionk failure, and, even in an
 airport in Zimbabwe, I can then edit my config file and make fvwm
 work. A misconfigured application is understood to be user error, a
 linker failure is hard to characterize in that fashion, and even
 harder to fix without access to the archive.

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