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Re: Technical Committee: decision on #119517?

So, let me see if I can summarise the core of the dispute:

* Manoj feels that a $PATH executable, ie a shell command, failing
with a run-time linker missing library error (or indeed other startup
failures of a shell command) is a different kind of problem to a
non-working command-line option, menu option, command to a program's
built-in CLI, etc.

* Manoj feels that these errors are sufficiently bad that they should
never happen without a forced or broken Depends.

* Everyone agrees that in some circumstances the best answer can be to
have non-working command-line options, menu options, etc., when only a
Recommends or Suggests is violated and not necessarily a Depends.

* AJ and I think that there is no important difference in this context
between an executable not working and (for example) a command line
option or menu option not working.

* AJ and I therefore feel that these errors, while not ideal, are
tolerable with only violated Recommends or Suggests, if there are
other factors involved which make it a good idea (such as wanting to
avoid creating an otherwise-pointless trivial package fragment).

Manoj, have I represented you fairly and accurately ?  Is there
anything else you think you wanted to say ?

Does anyone else have anything to say ?


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