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Re: Release-critical bugs, and #97671

>>"Ian" == Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> writes:

 Ian> Looking at the situation, I think that the definition of
 Ian> `serious' bug report is rather unhelpful and does not match up
 Ian> with the use of `must' or `required' in policy.

	What makes you say that? Serious is defined as a violation of
 a must or required directive of policy; I fail to see how this could
 not match up with the use of `must' or `required' in policy; they are
 identical ways of saying the same thing.

 Ian> The idea in the BTS seems to be that a serious bug is one which
 Ian> makes a package unsuitable for release.

	This is where the disconnect is. The release manager decides
 what is or is not fit for release.  The general guideline is that a
 violation of a must directive in policy is likely to be cause for the
 release manager to reject the package. The final decision lies with
 the release manager.

 Ian> How about if we change the wording in `Severity levels' in the BTS
 Ian> documentation (http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer#severities).
 Ian> Currently it says:

 Ian>     serious
 Ian>         is a severe violation of Debian policy (that is, it violates a
 Ian>         "must" or "required" directive), or, in the package
 Ian>         maintainer's opinion, makes the package unsuitable for
 Ian>         release.

 Ian> How about:

 Ian>     serious
 Ian> 	is a severe violation of Debian policy or any other problem,
 Ian>         which makes the package unsuitable for release. 

	This is bogus. You have changed a stright forward, objective
 criteria for a serious bug, softening it to where it has no meaning. 

	The output of your program makes my nose twitch, this is
 obviously a problem, and this bug is thus critical.

 Ian> This definition makes `serious' correspond identically to the
 Ian> package's suitability for release.  It avoids defining `severe'
 Ian> violation of policy as a violation of a `must'; that seems to me to be
 Ian> the core error.  This change would avoid violations of exceptionless
 Ian> policies (which are of course always bugs) always being treated as
 Ian> release critical even if they're unimportant.

	No, the core error is that you are taking away from the
 release manager the task and responsibility of determining release
 criteria. Did you ignore everything that I and aj wrote? Would you
 please catch up instead of jumping in late, and ignoring the advances
 and arguments already made?

	The core error is that bug severities should not be rigidly
 connected to release criticalness. *THAT* is the place where we need
 to make case by case, subjective decisions

 Ian> If you and Anthony agree then maybe we should see if we can get that
 Ian> changed.  If you disagree I'm sure you'll let us know :-).

	I strongly object to turning the criteria upside down and
 creating a situation where bug severities are even more
 subjective. This is a far worse situation than we find ourselves in

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