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Re: Bug#119517: pcmcia-cs: cardinfo binary needs to move into a separate package

>>"Adam" == Adam Conrad <adconrad@0c3.net> writes:

 Adam> I'm going to lend my two cents here and agree with the people who think
 Adam> that "Suggests" is good enough for this particular dependency.

 Adam> If we believe that "installation of a package must require that all
 Adam> functionality of said package functions after installation" we have a
 Adam> LOT of packages that don't conform to this ideal.

 Adam> Example 1:

 Adam> kernel-source-x.x.x packages:

 Adam> Without libncurses5-dev, "make menuconfig" doesn't work.
 Adam> Without tcl/tk, "make xconfig" doesn't work.

	Both restrictions documented, and really, one of the three
 ways to arrive at the same functionality. You can reach the desired
 end goal -- of having a configured kernel- as long as the
 dependencies are satisfied.

	Also, never does the kernel-source package say that being able
 to run make {x,menu}config is something you are expected to be able
 to do (If you can find such a reference, please point it to me, since
 that would be a documentation bug).

 Adam> The konqueror web/file browser:

 Adam> Without "kdelibs3-crypto" installed, konqueror won't do SSL.  In today's
 Adam> world, SSL web pages are nearly a MUST for a web browser, so does this
 Adam> mean we have lost "expected functionality", and konqueror should depend
 Adam> on the crypto support, and move to non-US?

	Does konqueror explicitly specidy that SSl is a supported
 protocol? If so, then the dependency should be mandatory.  If it is
 documented as an optional, add on protocol with other requirements,
 then we are OK.If the package ships with a binary that does not work
 without SSL, it is a bug in the package.

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